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Here at B3H we are geared toward women in the construction industry as well as the women (and families) supporting men in the industry. We are diving into your passions, challenges, goals, achievements, and while doing that, we also want to provide insightful information to help throughout your journey - whatever your role. As we discuss your topics we will also clue you in, my loyal readers & listeners, as to what inspires us to work in this crazy amazing industry.


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B3H is a concept (or some would say ‘a movement’) that comes to life in the form of a blog and podcast geared to provide guidance, information, entertainment, interviews and discussion related to women across both the field and corporate roles of the Industrial Construction world.

Our topics focus on all things that we face as women in this career (or women/families supporting people in this career): the benefits, growth, changes in the workforce, challenges, hardships, interviews, pay, fashion and everything in between. Things that each and every woman in this industry may encounter whether you are a Laborer, Safety Representative, Administrator, Analyst, Purchaser, Manager, or any other role in between.  

We also try to relate topics to those of us who support people in this industry - be it husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and family. 




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Our vision with the logo was to tell a story of this concept without ever having to speak a word. This is the background behind the thought process.


Represent the balancing of two worlds

  • Building on the Right Side: representation for the corporate world of this industry and the people that are directly connected to those roles.

  • Plant on the Left Side: representation for the field employees, I geared specifically toward a power plant due to my personal work experience.


Representation of Leadership and Management roles as well as commonly required PPE for field-based roles.


Representation of the Sexy Powerful Women we all are regardless of if we wear heels daily or a hard hat and boots! Come on ladies, we all know red heels are a power statement while feminine and sexy!


Balancing Hard Hats & Heels (B3H) is that exactly, it’s finding the balance between being a woman and maintaining everything that makes that such a blessing while also being women in a male dominated industry and being an absolute badass at that too!


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Candice Troyer



I am 32 years old with two spoiled rotten little “rat” dogs that now travel with me since I am back to a project-based role. I just signed a contract to sell the house so in the next 8 weeks I will be living full time in my 32’ fifth-wheel until I decide on an area that speaks to my heart to buy something new. It will be the first time that I have not maintained a home outside of work travel and I’m excited (with a dash of nervousness) for the adventure! 

I absolutely love to travel, and my favorite thing to do is “going with the flow” of whatever sounds appealing! I spend a lot of time with all the nieces and nephews during my off time and I’m the aunt that is up for driving around blaring music or heading out to play laser tag on a whim. Photography and being in the presence of water are my two favorite pastimes outside of the kids and traveling because they bring out my creativity and a sense of peace. 

The past 4 years have brought me more obstacles than I could have ever imagined, while also creating opportunities to not only work on the areas I needed improvement and growth, but it also an opportunity to redefine myself in wonderful ways. I am at a point in my life where I am naturally happy without feeling confinement of something weighing me down. 


I worked several jobs over a span of 5 years from 16 to going full time with my company at 21, but I will focus on the one that leads me here for now. 

In December of 2007, at 18, I got my first job in a power plant. I was visiting a friend of my moms, and her supervisor asked if I could come help them for one week as a Confined Space Attendant (hole watch). He promised good money and it would be short term, but it would help him out of a tight spot. I reluctantly agreed because I just could not picture myself working in a power plant. Let’s just say, that week turned into a month, and here I am 14 years later still in the same industry for the same company and I absolutely love it! 

I have held 3 titles in my time throughout this company, but I have always taken on more directive outside of the job description I carried at the time which has done me a great justice. I started as a Site Administrator, spent a few years as Project Coordinator, and my current role is a Field Engineer. 

Who we Are



I am 25 years old with two purebred German Shepherds. They’re my whole world, ask anyone. It’s why I bought my first house two years ago, and why I bought my second house back in May of this year.


I spend my free time split between local bars and breweries or anything outdoors. Hiking with the dogs, camping, and kayaking bring me so much joy and happiness. This year I am choosing to focus on myself. I am building my circle with people who bring positivity into my life.


2020 was a year full of doubts, regret, 2nd guessing my worth, anger, sadness, heartbreak, more regret, not a lot of self-worth, and even more anger, sadness, and heartbreak. In the moment I thought I was happy and blissful but now looking back, I was gravitating towards the least bad situation. I had convinced myself that the best of the worst was happiness and now that I am truly working towards healing, I see that I hadn’t been happy in many years. I contribute a lot of that to knowing that my mom was slowly dying of terminal cancer - that eventually I’d have to face the end of our beautiful relationship, friendship, support system. There are a thousand ways I could describe what we had… none of them do it justice. But today – today I choose to actively focus on ME and what I can do to improve myself and the world around me.

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Sydney Everett


I worked as a waitress and sales associate through college - pretty much up until August of 2018. In August of 2018 I started working as a Project Coordinator. That lasted all of eight months before I was bored and applied for another job within the same company. Four months later I finally was able to switch roles. Exactly one year from this job switch, I went from being an Associate Buyer to being an Intermediate Buyer. However, thanks to my boss’s suggestion of creating my own title, I now call myself something much cooler 'SUPPLY CHAIN BUYER'. (Queue the wonder woman logo & theme song)

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